Meet Captain Annie!

Ahoy mateys! I am sending bat signals, carrier pigeons near and far, to reach even Neverland’s shining star, and deliver these greetings from our CYC: so, hello! I’m the intern! My name is Annie. The CYC discovered me, more than the other way around, when I kept finding posters and stories all about town. This […]

A Summer Poem

Poem Where You Pretend Like You’re at the Beach Reading It   I am a giraffe. I’m camouflaging with the tree, hiding from the enemies. I am a giraffe. I am a chocolate cake, Oreos, Spanish, Mom and Dad, my sister, spaghetti, balloons, flamingos, and playing tag with my little brother. I am like my […]

The Story of the Spoken Word & Music Album

The spoken word and music collaboration with Triumph Music Academy has attracted a lot of positive attention from our Grand Rapids community. From an interview with Mariano Avila from WGVU’s Mutually Inclusive to spotlight attention from Dustin Dwyer at Michigan Radio, the CYC looks back on the work of our students this year with pride. […]