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May 2017 launch of Collecting Shadows & Lights: The Book of Explosions VI

What CYC Students Have to Say…

“I write best when I’m happy, and I’m happy right now!!!”

– CYC Student, Afterschool Adventure Survey


“Please! Five more minutes to keep reading?!”

– CYC Students, after reading comic books from Vault of Midnight for 40 minutes in complete silence and then being told it was time to move on to a new activity


“Noooo, ten more minutes, pleeease! I want to finish this story!”

– CYC students, when told they have just two more minutes to write


What Community Members Have to Say…


Students, staff, and volunteers at ArtPrize 2016

“I’m so glad we got to show the kids the typed-up versions of their writing for revisions this year! They seemed way more into the revision process than when they’re looking over their own handwriting in their journals.”

– CYC Volunteer



“Thank you for your work with our student. I know your encouragement and guidance have given her a boost of confidence.”

– Tutoring program coordinator at EACRC



“Thanks for the CYC tour and introductions! There is a good and active aura around the building surrounding you, your staff, and the students. The future is bright.”

– Grand Rapids literacy and arts advocate

Of the CYC’s Afterschool Adventure students attending Grand Rapids Public Schools, 100% had satisfactory school attendance! That’s compared to 65% for their peers that aren’t involved in an after school program.

– Youth Community Data Center (YCDC)

What CYC Parents Have to Say…

“Thank you so much for all that you do. Our daughter loves coming here and we’re so thankful we found the CYC. Her reading scores have gone up tremendously this year and you guys played a part in that. We’ve seen so much growth in her.”

Student siblings share their collaboratively written story

“I got to visit my daughter’s classroom the other day. The teacher had given them an assignment to draw pictures that corresponded to paragraphs from a story. My daughter’s pictures were all labeled ‘beginning,’ ‘middle,’ and ‘end’ and I knew that was CYC talking!”

“I just wanted to say “thank you” once again for this program. The girls were talking non-stop about their tutors. They are so excited for this school year. We’re really looking forward to seeing how much the girls grow this school year. You guys are awesome!”


“Thanks again, she LOVES this time each week and anticipates the next one! Writing plays, and short stories, etc., seems normalized in this setting and that just really blesses me to see her be comfortable and become developed in this amazing gift she has. Thank you!”