“It is not enough to simply teach children to read; we have to give them something worth reading.”

Three times a week, before the creative writing portion of that day’s programming begins, four to six students come to the Creative Youth Center for Book Club. Book Club students meet one-on-one with an adult reading tutor and read from 3:30 to 4:15 before participating in that day’s creative writing programming. Each student is paired […]

Finding Friendship in Unusual Places

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a good friend. Someone you can always count on, even when times are rough. At the Creative Youth Center, friendships often grow and bloom because of students’ abilities to share themselves and share their writing. The first and second grade students have been reading and writing about friendship this […]

The power of one: a volunteer interview

The Creative Youth Center and all of its magical programming could not happen without the kooky and awesome volunteers who show up every week. Ruth Posthumus is a former middle school principal, a current supervisor for student teachers at Calvin College and a volunteer with the CYC middle school students. When Ruth walks into the […]

The Characters that Lived!

The CYC is just tickled pink about our upcoming event on October 26. The Characters that Lived is an amazing opportunity for our students to create characters and see their writing brought to life by professional improv actors. It’s Grand Rapids’ only all ages improv show and will be a night to remember. The event […]

Meet Captain Annie!

Ahoy mateys! I am sending bat signals, carrier pigeons near and far, to reach even Neverland’s shining star, and deliver these greetings from our CYC: so, hello! I’m the intern! My name is Annie. The CYC discovered me, more than the other way around, when I kept finding posters and stories all about town. This […]

A Summer Poem

Poem Where You Pretend Like You’re at the Beach Reading It   I am a giraffe. I’m camouflaging with the tree, hiding from the enemies. I am a giraffe. I am a chocolate cake, Oreos, Spanish, Mom and Dad, my sister, spaghetti, balloons, flamingos, and playing tag with my little brother. I am like my […]