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2014-2015 Volunteer Opportunities

A new school year brings new programs at the CYC. If you have a love for working with kids and silliness, consider joining our Volunteer Crew! Read on for more information about the opportunities we have to offer. When you find a program that strikes your fancy, email Meghan McAfee, Program Director, at

Afterschool Adventure

Afterschool Adventure helps 3rd-6th grade students build confidence and creativity through writing, reading, and engaging with peers.

  1. Monday-Thursday, 4-6m

  2. Runs at the Creative Youth Center

  3. Flexible weekly time commitment

  4. Volunteers provide general support to the program manager

Thrive Tutoring

Trained volunteer tutors work with middle and high school students on any academic subject, in a one-on-one setting.

  1. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6-7:30pm

  2. Tuesdays at Baxter Community Center, Wednesdays at the Creative Youth Center

  3. Volunteers must be able to commit to either Tuesdays or Wednesdays for the entire school year.

  4. Volunteers are assigned a student to tutor for the year. Can tutor in any academic subject (especially upper-level math and science)

Writing Workshops

The Creative Youth Center runs weekly, off-site creative writing workshops in collaboration with community partners. Examples include Congress Elementary, Alger Middle School, Harrison Park School, and the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan. Workshop times and days vary, depending on the start date of each partner’s individual program. Generally:

  1. Monday-Friday, 3:30-5pm

  2. Location specific

  3. Very flexible weekly time commitment

  4. Volunteers provide general creative writing support to the students and the workshop leader.

Press Club

Middle school Press Club writers become published journalists, in collaboration with the Cook Arts Center. The student writers attend field trips around Grand Rapids, write about their experiences, and share the articles on The Rapidian. Press Club field trips are announced as they are planned. Generally:

  1. Field trips, Saturdays; writing session the following Tuesday

  2. Writing session runs at the Cooks Arts Center

  3. Very flexible time commitment. Preferably, volunteers attend both the field trip and writing session.

  4. Volunteers help chaperone events, and encourage students to gather the appropriate information to write their articles.

Afterschool Adventure1

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