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A Cure for the Mondays with Sundaes

In honor of volunteer appreciation week, we hosted “A Cure for the Mondays with Sundaes” at the CYC. Volunteers were invited to come enjoy ice cream sundaes and play in a Bananagrams tournament. It turned out to be a great night with a lot of laughs and some tough competition!


Our volunteers are incredible, amazing, superbly excellent people who donate their time and talents. They work with students one-on-one in our tutoring program helping them do well in school while being mentors and friends. They support our writing workshops by helping kids think through their ideas and put them down on paper, even assisting in tackling the often daunting task of revising and editing. They lend us their creativity so our look on the outside is just as fun, silly, and inspiring as our ideas on the inside. They help in a thousand small ways that we couldn’t possibly try to list in this post!

Anyway, we simply cannot say enough, THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!

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