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A Summer Poem

Poem Where You Pretend Like You’re at the Beach Reading It

I am a giraffe. I’m camouflaging with the tree, hiding from the enemies. I am a giraffe.

I am a chocolate cake, Oreos, Spanish, Mom and Dad, my sister,

spaghetti, balloons, flamingos, and playing tag with my little brother.

I am like my Grandma because everyone says we look the same.

She took care of me when my mom couldn’t.

My eyes look brown like my grandma and

the lines in our hands are the same.

I am doing Reading and Math. I am paying attention.

I always bring my book with me when I am done with all the things I have to do.

I take care of my parakeet. I am watching TV with my little brother because he’s sick.

I am like a lion. I eat a lot of meat and I run away.

I am sad because of my little brother.

I am a baby popping a bubble. My grandma said

she’s going to buy me something for my birthday.

I have brown eyes. I have shoes on. My hair is black

(my mom painted it blonde but it doesn’t show).

I look like a 3rd grader and a good student.

by Liba, 3rd grade

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