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Collecting Shadows & Lights: Book Launch and Preview!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and now it’s finally here.

The beautiful Book of Explosions Six is in our hands! How do you get one? Come to our Book Launch on Wednesday, May 31 at 5:30 pm at Wealthy Theater. You can purchase a copy there, and listen to the adorable and talented writers share excerpts from the book! It’s free to attend, and it’s open to the public.

The books will also be available for sale on our website following the Book Launch. But that’s no excuse to miss the reading!

We wanted to share some of the book with you ahead of time. Some of the pieces in here are bursting with lyric description:

Alayna, 7th grade The Pink Wall In bed, nestled under a huge character-covered blanket, I stared at a pink wall. To be honest, all my walls were pink, but at the time this wall was different. This wall faced a window, often collecting shadows and lights from outside. Every night I would climb into bed and lay down, hoping that pink wall would disappear, hoping a figure or creature wouldn’t be cast on the wall. Each night I turned myself to the side just to sleep without a tree branch looking like a monster. Those times I looked at the wall, it made small things grow. A bird on a branch became a man walking on walls. A leaf became an insect or something that looked to have the ability to bite.

Others are inspiring:

Qyliyah, 8th grade Black Women are Our Guardians I am an art lovin’, music singin’, Hip-hop dancin’, crazy girl. I am joyful, full of passion, and will always have an open heart. I am a child growing every day walking home from school to home, trying to survive, and being safe. I am my siblings’ guardian. I will love and protect them. I cherish them with all my heart. We don’t get along very well, but I love them and I vow that I will protect even in my darkest fears. I am a black woman.

Still, others fill the pages with humor:

Arianna, 2nd grade Air Once upon a time there lived Air. One day someone put him in a balloon. He felt nothing. He went to space. He got stuck in a black hole. Then, he got really scared and he fell back to earth. After that he rode away on a unicorn and it farted out rainbows. Finally, he went and he got a shot. He lived poppily ever after, and he popped and pooped.

Now you can’t wait for May 31, right?

See you there!

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