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Dear Future Me

There’s always an adventure on the horizon!

At the CYC, we prepare kids for life’s adventures by supporting their writing and amplifying their voices. Through participation in after school programs, students aged 6-18 become published authors and their work is celebrated in the community.

As the CYC looks ahead to a gift campaign in July to support the continuation and growth of its programming, you (yes, you!) can help us raise awareness about this unique opportunity for students.


We’re taking our inspiration from Alanna, a 5th grade student in her third year at the CYC. In the recently launched Bloom Cherry Bloom Tree: The Book of Explosions V, Alanna writes:

Dear future me,

You are smart, I know you are. You are funny too. I hope you become the first black woman president. If you didn’t, it is ok because everyone is not the best. Everything in the past is ok but I am scared of the future because it is in a long time. I hope I married a basketball player, but it is in the future so no one can tell. But I hope I only have two girls and two boys and adopt two more. Oh, and you and J. are still best friends for ever and ever.



As we look ahead together to the future of the CYC, would you be willing to create your own Dear Future Me note and post it to social media?

Tag the CYC on Facebook (GR Creative Youth Center), #DearFutureMe and ask your Facebook friends to post their own Dear Future Me note, too.

Who knows what the future has in store!

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