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Finding Friendship in Unusual Places

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as a good friend. Someone you can always count on, even when times are rough. At the Creative Youth Center, friendships often grow and bloom because of students’ abilities to share themselves and share their writing. The first and second grade students have been reading and writing about friendship this year, and they have written some incredible stories. Here is part of second grader Elle’s ongoing chronicle of adventures:

Chapter one- One day Chimp wrote a letter to Dino. It said that Chimp was on vacation for a week. Then Dino got another letter. It said I’m lonely. Then Dino wrote a letter to Chimp. It said we will meet for dinner at a pizza place. And they did. Then Chimp said would you like to stay with me. Dino said yes. The end.

Chapter two- When Dino got to Chimp’s house they got their PJ’s on, brushed their teeth and got in bed and then Dino said can you read me a story. Chimp said yes. They read about pirates and went to bed.

Elle is pictured with her Book Club volunteer reading buddy, Vera. Stay tuned for more installments of Dino and Chimp’s adventures!

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