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“Get ready, people. You’re about to do some good work.”

There are always those great moments amidst the teaching and book editing and hot air balloon making, when we stop and think, “this is what it’s all about.” We’ve had so many of those amazing moments in the past two weeks, we hardly know how to sum it all up!

Our Book Release Party was a big success and we’re incredibly proud of all our published authors who bravely read their work aloud to an audience at Schuler Books. The students stayed and signed copies of their books and watched the printing process.

Last week, the Creative Youth Center won the Innovation award at LINC’s 5th Annual Community Spirit Awards! We’re so honored! Be sure to read more about the great work LINC is doing:

LINC award1

We woke up the morning of our Grand Opening and Summer Celebration to find a letter from Dave Eggers, writer and Co-founder of 826 Valencia. It was such a cool surprise!

Dave Eggers Letter

We were a little worried it was going to thunderstorm on our party, but it turned out to be a great day for our Grand Opening and Summer Celebration. We got the new signs on our building just in time to welcome everyone to Captain H. Tanny’s Adventure Trade and Supply Store!

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