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Happy 6th Birthday to the CYC!

The CYC celebrates its 6th birthday on March 4! Woo-hoo!

Since we can’t say happy birthday to ourselves, our young writers are saying it for us! They crafted some creative variations on the traditional birthday song. Check out the lyrics of these goofy tunes:

“Happy birthday CYC, You’re fancy and drink tea, You eat my last piece of cake, And you raise your pinky!”

“Happy birthday to you, the CYC is cool, everybody here is awesome, it’s better than school!”

“Happy birthday to you, I don’t even know you, I have one question for you, What are those? They’re twinkle toes!”

And possibly the silliest one:

“Happy birthday kazoo, you look like a moose, you have a loose tooth, it’s hard to drink juice OW!”

Our students would love to hear if any of you readers out there sing one of these silly songs to a pal on their birthday.

This brings us to a small birthday request.

As you probably know, funding for the arts is facing major cuts. This means that small organizations like the CYC will rely even more on the generosity of community members that understand the importance of the arts in high quality after-school programs.

Would you consider pledging just $6 a month to the Creative Youth Center? If everyone on our mailing list made a recurring $6 payment on our website today, nearly half of our yearly budget would be covered.

As a special thank you for committing to $6/month during the month of March, you will receive 6 kid-crafted birthday cards to send to your family and friends.

Even a one time gift of $6 makes a difference!

And don’t forget: if your workplace does a yearly United Way campaign, you have the option of designating an organization of your choice on your pledge. Please consider designating the CYC!

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