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In Her Own Words

We’re excited to present a blog post from a CYC Alumna–the first post of its kind. We hope to showcase more success stories as our writers graduate from high school and move on to new adventures. The CYC and its authors are growing up!

Raqhelle Millbrooks is 19 years old and an incoming Sophomore at the University of Memphis. She attended the weekly CYC tutoring program for three years during her attendance at the GRPS City High Middle School.

In Raqhelle’s words…

I have attended the CYC tutoring program since its early development in 2012. Before graduating high school I was able to meet a variety of people that tutored me in Math, Chemistry, ACT Testing, and scholarship writing.

The tutors were able to instill confidence in me when it came to being successful in some of my worst subjects. They were able to quickly access my strengths to tackle my weaknesses in the courses which further developed my confidence when it came to test day. I waited until my second semester in college to take my Pre-Calculus math course because of how hard it was to accomplish in high school. I ended the semester with an A because I realized my strengths in the same course I took in high school and was able to remember one of my tutor’s, Kevin’s, wise words and handy tricks to solving problems.

I made sure to share the CYC’s great tutoring program to a variety of my friends in high school, where they were also able to succeed in their courses. I will always appreciate the dedication and passion of the workers and volunteers at the CYC. They all take time out of their week to come together and help students thrive in their school work. Not only is the CYC a great atmosphere to get schoolwork done, but also a safe place to grow as a kid in elementary or high school.

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