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Interested in working at the CYC?


The Creative Youth Center is hiring! We are looking for a new program manager to join our team early in 2016. The program manager will be responsible for leading writing and creativity focused out of school time programs for youth ages 6-18. 

Position: 30 hours/week, year round, salaried position

Start Date: January 5, 2016

Requirements: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, teaching experience, teaching certificate preferred, relevant experience with diverse populations, strong interest in and experience with creative writing

Salary: Commensurate with education & experience

Review: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year; yearly after first year of employment

Successful applicants will have training and experience in the area of teaching as well as experience and passion for working with diverse youth, and demonstrate:

  1. the ability to captivate youth with the magic, possibility, and power of writing

  2. a desire to empower youth through consistent, compassionate leadership

  3. superb classroom management skills

  4. a sense of silliness and adventure

  5. the capacity to support youth in finding and developing their own voices, interests, and skills

  6. the ability to follow and expand upon a writing-focused curriculum covering multiple genres and integrating revision and reflection into each lesson

Successful candidates will possess:

  1. a passion for diversity, inclusion, and working with the community

  2. strong organizational, multi-tasking, and prioritization skills

  3. a love of writing, reading, and language and the ability to share this enthusiasm with students, stakeholders, and the community

  4. exceptional written and oral communication skills

  5. a positive, flexible attitude and a willingness to learn and grow

  6. ability to work professionally and efficiently both individually and with a dynamic team

Program Manager tasks include:

  1. Leading after school programming during the school year and summer programs as planned

  2. Building on existing CYC curriculum to keep it fresh and relevant for students

  3. Recruiting students

  4. Building and maintaining relationships with families, schools, and the community

  5. Recruiting, training, and engaging volunteers

  6. Working with other CYC staff to build on existing structures and procedures for recruitment, communication, and classroom best practices

  7. Facilitating the publishing process, including working with students to select and polish written work, overseeing publishing volunteers or interns, editing and proofreading manuscripts, and working with designers and publishers

  8. Overseeing multiple methods of program evaluation

  9. Entering and maintaining student and volunteer data

  10. Developing writing workshop series featuring special sessions with visiting writers

  11. Connecting with community partners, writers, artists, and others for collaborative projects, special guest visits, and field trips

  12. Attending regular staff meetings

  13. Participating in community events for recruitment and relationship building as appropriate

  14. Coordinating yearly book launch and celebration

  15. Other tasks as assigned

Email cover letters and resumes by Thursday, December 10, 2015 to Kristin Brace, Executive Director, at

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