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Introducing Our Newest Board Member, Charlsie Dewey!

In January, the CYC added Charlsie Dewey, a local journalist, to our board of directors. The board members work very hard behind the scenes to make sure everything at the CYC runs smoothly. Having a local journalist be involved is very special, as she understands the importance of writing and publishing as a way to empower students. We are so lucky to have board members that are just as excited about writing as we are! Charlsie answered a few question for us, take a look at her interview to see what the cool, creative person behind the scenes at the CYC is like. 

CYC: What made you want to become involved with the CYC?

CD: I was introduced to the CYC when Lori asked me to come and talk to a group of students about being a journalist. I really enjoyed the experience and thought that the work the organization was doing was really important. Additionally, my elementary school had a book-publishing program that helped encourage students to write stories, which would then be published each week. I would turn in a story and the next week I would get it back bound and typed and it kept me believing that I would someday be doing this for a career. So I really believe the CYC’s work could help several children believe in their ability to become creative writers, artists or something else that they hope to be.

CYC: If you had a theme song what would it be?

CD: I had to look at my playlist for this one. I’m going to go with a song from one of my favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac, “Don’t Stop.”

CYC: What do you do in real life?

CD: I currently work as a reporter for the Grand Rapids Business Journal and as a freelance reporter for the Windy City Times. I am lucky to get to spend my days writing articles about interesting people, doing some really cool things.

CYC: What is the coolest thing that the CYC does?

CD: I think everything the CYC does is really cool, but I think if I were a student I would definitely want to be involved with the Press Club.

CYC: Do you have any pets?

CD:I have a cat named Scout. I named her after one of the main characters in To Kill a Mockingbird, which is one of my favorite books.

CYC: If you were a food, what would you be?

CD: If I were a food I would probably be a burrito from Chipotle, because they say you are what you eat and I’ve consumed an awful lot of Chipotle burritos in my life.

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