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Life is full of opportunities for sweet stories

At the CYC, we believe that there is never a bad time to appreciate a friend or loved one. Especially if you are appreciating someone through writing. So this Valentine’s Day, consider writing a letter to someone, or something, you hold dear. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, some of our students have written their own “love letters,” like this one addressed to cheesecake by Daveya, a second grader. Feel free to borrow the form to write a letter to someone dear to you in your life! Or, take it as inspiration to bake a cheesecake and share a few slices with your friends. Life is full of opportunities to be sweet, so take some! 

Dear Cheesecake by Daveya:

Dear Cheesecake,

When I bake you in the oven, I just want to eat you. You taste like cotton candy. You look so tasty with cherries and strawberries on top. Yummy in my tummy, you make me so happy. You’re my best dessert ever in my whole entire life. You’re my best friend for ever and ever. You smell like vanilla ice cream.



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