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Meet Brianne: Poet, Adventurer, & New CYC Program Manager

When I was in third grade, a description of the ocean I wrote in class got published in the tri-fold school newsletter. I’ll never forget the awe I felt when I saw what I’d written on notebook paper printed in black letters. I was a published author!

I am thrilled to be joining an organization that believes in kids’ voices and the power of writing and publishing. While completing my MFA in creative writing at Purdue University, I had the opportunity to teach multiple creative writing classes and to serve as an editor for a nationally distributed literary magazine. Before coming to Purdue, I helped develop the school gardening program at D.C. nonprofit Kid Power, Inc. I’m excited to draw on my teaching, publishing, and nonprofit experience, and I look forward to captaining many an expedition into the wilds of creativity.

Fellow Adventurers, let’s pack our bags with feather pens, silliness, mystery potions, curiosity, and empathy and see where our writing endeavors take us!

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