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Meet Captain Tommy!

Captain Tommy (not to be confused with the elusive Captain Tanny) is one of the new faces of the CYC this year. As the CYC’s social media operator, blogger, and miscellaneous task-accomplisher, he faces his most challenging mission yet: interviewing himself for the sake of an informative blogpost.

May I say you look dazzling today, Tommy?

You may–if I can say the same to you.

Let’s get down to business; the people are dying to know: What motivates you to work at the CYC?

When I was in fourth grade, I did not spend my recess time like most students–playing tag, basketball, hopscotch. I spent those fifteen minutes attempting to write my first novel. My teacher noticed what I was up to and asked me to show her my writing. Throughout that year she continued to encourage me. She even gave me my first writing journal to work in. I never did finish that novel, and I’ve spent the last thirteen years trying to write my first novel. But the point is that I had someone there for me, encouraging my artistic pursuits–I was not alone.

So when I discovered the CYC, I thought, What! There’s a place where kids can go to develop their creativity and writing skills? The CYC is just the kind of sanctuary I wish I had as a kid. And now, as a volunteer/intern, I hope I can pass that gift on to others.

What was your favorite book as a kid?

I couldn’t get enough Harry Potter in my life. In my free time I’d write my own fan-fiction stories about Harry going on all sorts of adventures outside of J.K. Rowling’s whims. But isn’t that an obvious book choice? A more nuanced answer would be The New Adventures series of fantasy books. Lots of dragons and goblins.

I already know this one–what is your favorite place to go on adventures?

I spent the summer working as a chef on a dude ranch in Wyoming. Surrounded by the mountains, the trout-filled rivers, and that vast western sky–I’d say Wyoming is my favorite place for exploration. Just watch out for those grizzly bears.

So you’re not in school?

Not at the moment, Tommy. I graduated from Hope College in May. I’m looking into MFA programs (that’s Masters of Fine Arts programs for creative writing) and, yes, I’m looking forward to more schooling. I miss having peers reading and critiquing my work. (Maybe I need to find a CYC for adults!)

Miranda had some stellar favorite quotes in her interview, T. What do you have for us?

Martin Amis said, “I think all writers are Martians. They come and say, You haven’t been seeing this place right.”

I like this quote for two reasons: 1) I believe in extraterrestrial life and any reference to them gives me an awesome burst of goosebumps, and 2) It shows that everyone has her own lens through which she views the world; everyone has his own experiences that have led him to see everything in a unique, nuanced light, and writing allows these views the freedom of expression.

This has been the best interview ever.

Well, I had a good interviewer.


There you go making things corny again, Tommy.

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