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Meet Katrina McEntee, our new Program Intern!

CYC: What is the most exciting part of your internship with the CYC? KM: The most exciting part of my internship is the opportunity to help create and build the new building and get involved with an awesome local non-profit.

CYC: What is your favorite place to be in Grand Rapids? KM: My favorite place in Grand Rapids is wherever my friends and family are. If my family is in town, XO is my favorite place. If it’s date night, my favorite place is a movie theatre or Reserve. When I am out with my friends, it has to be Stella’s or Hopcat.

CYC: Where are you from? KM: I am from a lot of places. Born in California, lived in van for a while (not as weird as it sounds), did some time in Missouri, then ended up here in Michigan. Now I live in Grand Rapids, and my family home is on the opposite side of the state in Lexington, right on Lake Huron.

CYC: It sounds like you have traveled quite a lot, out of all your travels, what is the best adventure you have ever been on? KM: The six weeks I spent in South Africa definitely count. Shark diving, mountain climbing, the occasional blown up building- all great fun. Moving across the state and going out on my own was an amazing adventure, if you consider paying bills and rent exciting. All the road trips I’ve taken to Florida with my best friends were a special adventure. We locked the keys in the trunk in Georgia, got a speeding ticket in Kentucky, and stayed in a dingy hotel that was home to a group of circus performers. I could go on, but I won’t.

CYC: Do you have a favorite quote? KM: “Words are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”-Albus Dumbledore (who is a real person. I know he is.)

CYC: Do you have a favorite place to read or write? KM: One of my favorite places to read is on the bus. It’s quiet, no one bothers me, my cat isn’t sitting on my face…bliss. I do my best writing in strange places at strange times, like at 2 AM scribbling on a bit of paper I found on the floor or standing at the kitchen counter, inspired by mac and cheese.

CYC: When you aren’t at the CYC, what do you do? KM: When I am not at CYC I am in class, working at the library, browsing Doctor Who fanfiction, or taking pictures of my cat for the Internet. I also dabble in working out and watching Alaska State Troopers.

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