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Meet Molly, Our Magnificent New Intern!

The CYC is excited to introduce our newest intern starting in January, Molly Batchik.  Molly is a student at Grand Valley State University and is thrilled to be joining the CYC during this important stage of its growth. Not only will Molly work with the students, but also help as the new location on Wealthy Street prepares for its opening in the spring. There is so much to do and be excited for this year, we can hardly catch our breath! In between working with students, expanding our Board of Directors, figuring out how the heat works in the new building, setting up new office equipment (the new printer is just gorgeous), and countless other tasks, we found time to sit down and interview Molly about the CYC, Grand Rapids, adventures, and some of her favorite things. Check it out!

CYC: What is the most exciting part of your internship with the CYC? MB: I’m going to love organizing new events and collaborating with other local community organizations, being involved with the community is so exciting.

CYC: What is your favorite food? MB: I love Thai food. There is nothing quite like curry. I’ve started teaching myself how to make it, but when I’m going out, Erb Thai on Wealthy is one of my favorite spots to eat.

CYC: Other than Erb Thai, do you have any other favorite spots in Grand Rapids? MB: I love going to Vertigo Music to find new music to listen to, Marie Catribs (The Porto sandwich is SO GOOD), and Sparrows to read and study.

CYC: What is the best adventure you have ever had? MB: I like to think everyday is an adventure! I do love road trips though, I’ve driven to Montana, Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, Montréal, QC, and all over Michigan and the Midwest. I have a trip planned for this summer to drive out to Arizona with my best friend.

CYC: If you could spend a week anywhere where would you go? MB: I have always wanted to go to Northern Europe, like Norway or Sweden. It just looks so gorgeous. I would love to see both the wildlife and the cities.

CYC: When you aren’t working at the CYC what do you do? MB: I’m a full-time student at Grand Valley. I’m studying Creativity and Culture and minoring in writing. I also play guitar and violin in a local band. I’m always looking for shows to go to in the area, going to see live music is my favorite thing to do on weekends.

CYC: What is one thing you can’t live without? MB: Coffee. I get pretty cranky without it.

CYC: Do you have a favorite quote? MB: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you’ve always imagined” -Thoreau

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