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Petting of the Mongoose of the Royals is Not Permitted

Last week, the Creative Youth Center held a writing workshop for the students from the GVSU TRiO ETS program. Together, we breathed life to strange and wonderful countries, completely serious laws, mushroom citizens, and fantastic stories regarding Captain H. Tanny’s adventures!

Don’t believe us? Read for yourself:

Land of the Free

By Jim, Age 13


  1. Theft is not permitted in the Palace of the People

  2. No partying

  3. No rebels

  4. Petting of the Mongoose of the Royals is not permitted

  5. Not following any of these rules will lead to the Isle of Banishment

  6. P.S. Only way permitted off the island is through the Desert of the Dead

King James’ Log

It is the closing of the first era. It all started in the year of 7 A.A. Afterwards, the world broke out in riot and only a few escaped to the newly found Islands. I am King James, and I am the ruler of the Land of the Free. It started with me wanting to help give people a place to live after the apocalyptic riots. But then the money flowed in, and it flowed in. And it kept flowing in. And I never wanted it to stop. Greed changes a man. It makes him thirst for power and control. And that is exactly what happened…

It is chaotic on the island. The year is 37 A.A. Many people have come to my island seeking refuge. Yet all they received was pain. The citizens became unruly and laws needed to become enforced. So that’s what I did. No, I don’t find my laws harsh in the least degree. I had enforced the laws yet no one obeyed, so I added a punishment…

The year is 58 A.A. and the Isle of Banishment has become crowded. Although we are gaining many minerals and other resources…

The past year was an unusual one. A humble man by the name of Captain H. Tanny arrived by a large vessel during the month of March. The captain and his crew were quickly escorted to the Palace of the People. His ship was set ablaze soon after… He has repeatedly asked for a map for directions to get off my Island. He didn’t like my answer, but he departed early May. I spent days worrying about the treasure I stashed in the desert, but then I remembered it was guarded by a Dovan…a dragon.

It is the 78th year… The year I discovered that Captain H. Tanny escaped…

with all my gold.


If you want to know more about GVSU TRiO ETS program:

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