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“Sonic and Robert” – A Short Story by Second-Grader, Kamarion

Ahoy! Greetings from Captain Tanny’s Adventure Store. This past week, our Afterschool Adventurers listened to Ginger and Petunia  by Patricia Polacco. In this very silly book, a piano teacher named Ginger goes out of town for the week, leaving her beloved pig, Petunia, behind. In the absence of a pet sitter, Petunia is forced to fend for herself. She cooks! She cleans! She even teaches piano!

In response to the story, our adventurers were asked to a) research an animal and b) write a story about what might happen if said animal was left alone for a weekend. Here’s what second-grader Kamarion had to say about a dolphin named Robert:

Sonic and Robert

“Once upon a time there was a dolphin [named Robert] whose owner was Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic had to go make more movies, so he left the dolphin at home for the weekend. He called a babysitter, but the babysitter had to go to the hospital. The dolphin had to go get some food because he was starving! He dressed like Sonic–red and white shoes, blue skin, and he had spiky hair and a black nose. Sonic had left him some bath water, so he could go for a swim, but [Robert] didn’t do it because Sonic wasn’t there. At the store, the dolphin got fish [for himself] and fruit and vegetables [for Sonic]. Then Robert had to teach people how to run fast since Sonic wasn’t there. And then he had to teach piano lessons. Sonic gave Robert a call that he was coming home, and when he got there, Robert jumped to him. Sonic hugged Robert, and he finally got to go in the tub.”

Kamarion’s story demonstrates not only his retention of the book he read, but also his ability to write an analogous story using his knowledge of dolphins.

On behalf of Captain Tanny, great job, Kamarion!

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