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Student Spotlight–Meet Sharkia!

Sharkia is a 4th grade student who attends our Afterschool Adventure program. She is a bright, talented writer and student, who loves helping out the younger kids whenever she can.

Why do you like coming to the CYC?

I like coming because I have fun. I like seeing the volunteers, too, because they help me with my homework that’s confusing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A second grade teacher, a singer, and/or a babysitter.

What’s your favorite CYC moment?

The first time I came to the CYC in the summer, when we ate pizza and worked on writing with verbs and adjectives. It was my favorite because it was the very beginning.

Why are you excited about our new book?

I’m excited because some of the kids are wild, but being in the book will help them calm down because they’ll be proud of what they wrote.

What do you think of Captain Tanny?

I think he’s a good person. And, if he comes here one day, he could help us with our homework and tell us about his journeys. If he ever asked me to go on an adventure with him, I would go to California.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

The CYC is a great place. I love the CYC, and I’m excited to be in the book!

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