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Talk About a Close Race

On Tuesdays and Thursdays the CYC has its tutoring program, Thrive, at Baxter Community Center. On top of homework there is a set of writing prompts to be worked on by our students every week. Tuesday November 6th, in the spirit of the election, we gave our students the chance to campaign for the presidency themselves.

By the end of the day we had three unique candidates. Each had written their own platform of issues, a presidential speech, and even a campaign slogan. We couldn’t leave without holding an election, so we had all three presidential nominees give their speeches to the rest of the group. Here’s a look at the candidates and their positions.


Qualities befitting the presidency: “I have a scholarship and a degree in economics at GRCC. I am good at making people feel better, so that they will work better. I have lots of energy so I could get a lot of work done in a day.

Platform: “I could help the economy by helping businesses that are going bankrupt by giving them free commercials.”

“The gas prices are high, and I would need to lower them by figuring out how to make gas.”

The bottom line:  “If you pick me you’ll be blessed, and not stressed.”


Qualities befitting the presidency: “I went to Harvard for ten years studying politics.  After the ten years I went and studied social work and got my masters.  Since school I have been raising money for charities and feeding children.”

Platform: “I can end starvation in the USA, help the poor, and lower taxes.”

“The government, for every hundred dollars you put into your account, will put ten dollars into your savings account.”

The bottom line: “I will try my best to help with these issues. Vote for me!”


Qualities befitting the presidency: “I do what’s right for the USA and I have two college degrees, in math and reading.”

“I can relate to people that live with their mom.”

Platform: “I would lower taxes and ask the people that give people bills to give them credit.”

“People could have more money to go get what they need instead of stealing.”

The bottom line: “I’m Gabriel, and I stop littering.”

At the end of the day there was only one problem.  How are we supposed to choose?

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