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The Captain’s Affair Recap

Thursday, October 17, the Creative Youth Center hosted its first ever pop-up fundraising dinner. The proceeds of the evening went right back to the CYC, benefiting the students we serve. Guests were instructed to come attired in black-on-black-on-black for a night of macabre festivities. The event was hosted at Reagan Marketing + Design, just down the street from the CYC.

The venue, decorated by CYC staff and volunteers, featured a fog machine, a spooky movie and a cornucopia of fresh fall flavors created by Tommy Fitzgerald and Brian Gerrity. Party-goers dined on deviled eggs and a create-your-own caramel apple bar while they were regaled by the night’s entertainment: a play called “The Haunted Library,” written by students at Baxter Community Center and starring Sarah Jean Anderson and Tommy Allen. Allen also acted as the event’s emcee, thrilling attendees with his warmth and humor. Local writer and GVSU professor, Todd Kaneko, shared a flash fiction collection titled “B Movie” and Marcel Price of the Diatribe performed a passionate piece of spoken word poetry.

In addition to the entertainment, Bridget Cheney, principal of Congress Elementary, spoke about the CYC-led workshop that was held at Congress the previous school year. Cheney cited the differences she could see in the students enrolled in the program, reflected on how much she supported the work of the CYC, and asked others in attendance to do the same.

Captain H. Tanny, whose attendance was requested in the Seychelles Islands that evening, would like to thank all those who came out to help the CYC and his beloved adventure store.

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