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The Latest Publications from the CYC

With the school year now coming to a close, it only seems fitting to celebrate all of our writer’s hard work with three new CYC publications!

1,000 Thoughts: A Creative Collection  

Produced by the Peer Leaders from the Hispanic Center of West Michigan, this online journal showcases some of the best work from the 2013-2014 school year. Published on May 30th, 2014, “1,000 Thoughts” is the first online journal to be published by the CYC and is a thoughtful collection of essays and short stories that reveal the insane creativity of our talented writers. Check it out at

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Book of Explosions III: Made-Up and Somewhat True

The latest addition to our Book of Explosions series, the Book of Explosions III: Made-Up and Somewhat True is a delightful anthology full of short stories and poems from the many programs running within the CYC including:

  1. West Michigan Refugee Educational & Cultural Center

  2. Cook Arts Center

  3. Congress Elementary

  4. GVSU TRiO

  5. Afterschool Adventure

  6. Thrive Tutoring

  7. Harrison Park Media Team

  8. Andy Angelo Press Club

Released on June 3rd, the CYC held a fabulous release party for all of our newly published authors and their families at the Wealthy Street Theater. In a night full of readings, autograph signing, and pizza eating, we could not think of any better way to celebrate the creation of this sensational book.

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Beats: Off-Campus Edition

In this latest off-campus installment of the Alger Middle School magazine, Beats, our writers explore life outside of the confines of school. Jam packed with articles on where the best places to visit in Grand Rapids are to what the future of journalism will be like, Beats: Off Campus is a fun read that shows off what a year of hard work and creative exploration can produce. The CYC and all of our adventurers would like to thank Holland Litho Printing Service for donating the printing of Beats Magazine.

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