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When Poetry Meets Music

Friday, December 16 from 6-7pm @ The Wealthy Theatre Annex (1110 Wealthy St. SE)

The CYC has been at it again, writing great pieces we can’t wait to share with all of you–so we will. On Friday, December 16, the CYC will host a spoken word poetry reading in collaboration with Triumph Music Academy in which the two young groups of artists will combine their talents to create one moving performance.

Often referred to as “slam poetry,” spoken word is a form that emerged from the Black Arts Movement in association with the Civil Rights Movement. It’s meant to be performed out loud, unlike the on-page version many students learn in school.

“Spoken word takes what we often think of as words on a page and turns it into an auditory experience,” says Brianne Carpenter, the CYC’s Program Manager. “Poems aren’t only meant to be read–they’re meant to be heard.”

The CYC has been discussing spoken word in the context of its roots in social justice, so many of the students’ poems will touch on these important issues. Still, the CYC encourages students to write about whatever they want, so it’s likely a handful of poems addressing cupcakes and marshmallows may fall into the mix.

Our young writers have been working on their pieces for weeks in preparation for the event. In addition, well-known spoken word poets from the community have generously donated their time to guide students in the craft of spoken word performances. One of the guest poets is a member of the Grand Rapids National Slam Poetry team. So, yeah, we have some stellar poems coming your way. Accompanied by original music composed by students of the Triumph Music Academy–music, might we add, inspired by the writings of the CYC students–the event promises to entertain and inspire.

“This is the first time CYC students have collaborated with students from anywhere else,” says Brianne. “I’m excited to see what it will be like when two groups of young people come together to make art that is bigger than they could create on their own.”

Each “set” in the performance will consist of a poem performed by CYC students followed by a musical piece that somehow corresponds in feeling to the poem.

“We’re putting two art forms together and seeing what happens when they speak to each other,” Brianne says.

And that’s a conversation we don’t want to miss. Save the date on your calendars for this FREE musical, poetic performance!

Friday, December 16 from 6-7pm @ The Wealthy Theatre Annex (1110 Wealthy St. SE)

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